Youth Programs




ACT hosts a number of children's events and workshop. If you or your child wishes to take part, please see below for info on how or call 605-996-9137 Tuesday-Friday 9am-4pm.  Monday hours vary. 


Summer Children's Theatre with ACT

We are very proud of the development and evolution of this program. It has become an all-student-produced play! Students in grades1-8 are welcome to participate as actors, and high school age volunteers are invited to apply to become directors. Students are taught the basics of putting on a production. Rehearsals begin in May and run each day 1pm-3:30pm. Two performances take place in June for parents, friends, family and others to enjoy everyone's hard work!

This program is free for all ages. Directors are given a $100 honorarium for their efforts. 

2017 Rehearsal Dates:  Tuesday May 30th thru Friday June 23rd (1-3:30)
2017 Performance Dates:  Friday June 23 and Saturday June 24, at 7:30

2017 Production: The Adventures of Rose Red (Snow White's Less-Famous Sister) by Sean Abley - Comedy


Park N Rec Children's Theatre

2017 Rehearsal Dates: Tuesday May 30th thru Friday June 30th (9:30-noon)

2017 Performance Dates: Friday June 30 and Saturday July 1, 7:30

2017 Production: Alice in Wonderland

​Fee: $40-Registration must be done at Rec. Center. (grades 3-8)


Dakota Players

This is a week long workshop available for children in grads K-8. Each year the touring members of the Children's Theatre Program visit ACT with a new play for the children to perform. Auditions are on Monday, rehearsals are each night for the rest of the week, with performances on Friday and Saturday nights. Children are taught the basics in all aspects of theatre.  This program is free of charge to participant

Production: The Bard of Ballyfiddle
Jan 2018 Rehearsal Dates: Jan 29-Feb 3
​2018 Performance Dates:  Pending




Children in Season Plays

Occasionally one or two of our season plays call for child actors. When this occurs, audition advertisements outline the need for children. If you or your child is interested in being in a play, please watch for audition announcements on our website, our electronic sign, Facebook, or in the Daily Republic. Audition announcements will contain audition requirements (prepared songs, dialoge, dance number). Usually an audition for a season play consists of a cold reading (reading an excert from the script), a small exercise, and a quick song (Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star if not specified) for a musical audition. 


2017 children's plays: Mary Poppins, It's A Wonderful Life