Make a Difference! 


Area Community Theatre has some building and equipment updates needing attention. We are hoping to complete two specific projects this fall but we need your help! We’ve done our homework and feel we are taking the most cost-effective approach to reach these goals. Outlined below are the two projects we hope to complete:

Sound Equipment

The FCC has reallocated the 600 MHz frequency band (614 – 698 MHz) for wireless broadband use. With this reallocation, wireless microphone systems will eventually be prohibited from operating in the 600 MHz band. In basic terms, these changes make our current sound system obsolete.

We have done research and received several different bids on new equipment. We always prefer to keep our outsourced work local and have approved a bid to Brad’s Instrument Repair. The total cost of this project is $9,330. Brad will also be replacing the sound equipment at the Performing Arts Center in Mitchell.



If you’ve been to a performance at ACT recently, you may have noticed the condition of the carpet in our auditorium-definitely time to update! Some spots have become a tripping hazard and for that reason we have decided to take action; your safety is a priority! We will only be replacing the carpet in the auditorium.

Again, we have searched for bids locally to come up with the most affordable option. We were not able to secure a local contractor to install new carpeting so the bid we have for this project is from Sean McDonald-Sioux Falls Interiors. Sean has several years of experience in commercial projects like ours, including schools and other theatres and performance venues. By completing the removal process ourselves, we have managed to lower the overall cost of this project to $9,778.

The total cost of these two projects is $19,108 and we are well on our way to successfully raising these funds and with a generous grant from The Sam Weller Foundation, we now only need $4,100 to complete both projects. We have already purchased the sound equipment and are working on installation and transitioning to the new equipment by our fall production. 

The success of this campaign depends upon support from our community and ACT patrons. Our goal is to raise the remaining $4,100 by October 1st. We are grateful for a gift of any size and appreciate any support you are able to give. 

Thank you in advance for always supporting the Arts in our community!


ACT Wish List

Building Roof


Replace Lobby Entrance Doors
$5,000 each