Annie-Quinn Culhane

Oliver Warbucks-Steve Morgan

Grace Farrell-Noel Ahlers

Aggie Hannigan-Renea Schoenfelder

Rooster-Arin Winger

Lily St Regis-Trudy Morgan

Franklin D Roosevelt-Mike Baker

Bert Healy-Matt Culhane

Drake-Robert Tople

Mrs. Greer-Heather Adams

Mrs. Pugh-Jaycie Foster

Pepper-Kate Ahlers

Duffy-Ameilia Bruguier

Tessie-Ana Twiggs

Molly-Ella Johnston

Joly-Julia Miller

Kate-Katie Morgan

Orphans-Abbie Schnabel, Lexi Hart, Abby Parks

Francis-Elise Foster

Bonnie Boylan-Logan Culhane

Boylan Sister-Kadee Vermeulen

Boylan Sister-TBD

Apple Seller-Cat Erickson

Cecile-Ashley Gaspar

Sophie-Kate Miller

Annette-Kayla White

Police/Servant-Matt Bailey

Cabinet-Jonathon Freeman, Bryce Erickson

Wacky-Auston Twiggs

Sgt./Asst. to FDR-Paul Wilson



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HEALTH SCREENING:  Outside the east door a member of the production team will be doing health screenings. This will include questions and a touch-less temperature check. If you fail the health screening, you will not be permitted to attend rehearsal. Please screen yourselves before coming to rehearsal. If you’re not feeling well, STAY HOME! We want to do everything possible to keep everyone safe! Reach out to a member of the production team if you need to miss practice. *

CAST SIZE LIMITS:  Cast participation will be limited to small groups which may need to change as CDC guidelines change. We will space out the groups according to CDC recommendations with time between each group to allow for compliance. *

THEATRE USAGE:  All actors and crew will enter using east entrance (back door). Doors will be propped open to minimize contact. The lobby, multi-purpose room and dressing rooms are closed until further notice-actors should be on stage or in the auditorium during rehearsals. We are asking everyone to take care of restroom needs before rehearsals. The back stage restroom is the only restroom available for emergencies. *

ASSIGNED SEATS:  Each person will be assigned a specific seat in the auditorium. These will be spaced throughout the theatre. Actors will sit in sections based on roles. Please go to your assigned seat/area when you arrive. This will be your designated spot through the entire run of the show. *

PROPS:  As tradition dictates, if it’s not your prop-DON’T TOUCH IT! We will be enforcing this policy to a higher level. You may be asked to leave the show if you are using/touching other people’s props and/or property. *

SANITATION:  Members of the production team will be sanitizing high contact points after each practice/performance. You will be responsible for your own areas. Cleaning/sanitizing supplies will be available, including hand sanitizer stations. *

PERSONAL SAFETY: Any individuals wanting to wear PPE are encouraged to do so. The theatre is looking at the possibility of having masks worn during the production.  The cast will not be greeting patrons in the lobby after performances. Parents will coordinate pick-ups with the production team following practices and productions. *

PHOTOS/MEDIA: The production team will work with individual cast members to have a photo call with family after one of the performances. ACT will also have photos taken prior to the show which will be available. *

REHEARSALS: Computer mediated practices may be utilized as needed. This could include ZOOM, GOOGLE Hangouts or other such computer mediated communication. *

*SUBJECT TO CHANGE: All policies are subject to change as we receive daily updates from the CDC, city, and state. Keeping our actors, patrons, and all those who love theatre safe is our main priority.